Ministry of Women Affairs

The Ministry is in charge of matters relating to women and children in the State.

Manage overall matters relating to women such as coordination of women non-governmental organizations, supervision of women development centers, serving as information centres on women programmes and liaising with international bodies on women programmes (International Women Day).

• The Vision of the Ministry is to build a society of gender discrimination that guarantees equal access to wealth creation opportunities, develop a culture that places premium on protection of the Girl Child And focuses attention to both the Public and Private Sector on Issues that Promotes full Participations of Women in the development process..


• The Mission Statement of the Ministry is to serve as the Vehicle to Bring about a Speedy and Healthy Development of Bauchi State Women and Girls in the Mainstream of Our Developmental Process.

• Formulation of policies that promotes gender equality and empowering women and girls in Bauchi State.

• To formulates programmes that will develop potentials of women and girl to contribute maximally towards the development of the state.

• To provide career guidance and counseling as a means of empowering the female gender.

• To collaborate with government agencies to address societal issues that militates against the advancement of women. E.G Trafficking in Women and Girls, Violence Against Women, Female Genital Mutilation, Maternal Mortality.
Hajia Asabe Hamma