Ministry of Water Resources

The Ministry of Water Resources was created to be in charge of all issues relating to water resources in the State including water resources development, management and implementation of government policies in the sector.

Currently the Ministry’s mandate includes: formulation of water resources policies; implement or monitor government policies on water resources; management of Water Resources information systems for the State including sourcing, analyzing, storing and dissemination of information; setting standards, regulating, supervising and controlling the use of all Water Resources in the State; overseeing Parastatals under it (Bauchi State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency).

• To set Standards, Regulate, Supervise and Control the use of all water resources in the state, implementing and provision of water legislation/ by-laws and collection and evaluation of hydrological and sociological data . .


• To develop and manage sustainable water for people. (In line with the MGD goal of 100L per person per day), for food (agriculture and fisheries), and for industry in Bauchi State and Provision of Infrastructure and Services at the Bauchi State Waterfronts by harnessing resources to ensure well protected environment that is attractive to tourists and observers.

• Provision of potable water throughout Bauchi state all year round.

• Channelization of major rivers within the state for guided flow and to prevent flooding.

• Shift grounds on solely participating in water production and distribution, in order to establish Public/Private participation in water supply.

• Identification of rivers in the state to facilitate irrigation farming.
Alhaji Mohammed Ghazali